Greg Buck

Soft Tissue Therapist

With a background in personal training and fitness coaching, Greg continued his studies at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where he achieved a 1st class bch degree with honours in Sports conditioning rehabilitation and massage.  Greg’s training allows him to be the bridge between a strength coach and physiotherapist. 

Part of Greg’s past experience includes working alongside a semi-pro football team, providing pitch side first aid and pre/post event massages. Understanding both the physical demands of sport and everyday life, Greg is able to manage patients through all stages of rehab, tailoring massage treatment along the way to get people back to top performance, if that be professional sport or living a pain free life full of movement. 

“We are all on a different path with individual goals and needs. Understanding anatomy and how that influences the way we move; message is a great modality to allow people to get in the best position possible. Not only for sports performance and lowering injury risk, but to sooth and restore already dysfunctional soft tissue to its full function”. 

Greg has a background in competitive cycling and powerlifting, now he enjoys weightlifting and mixed martial arts in his free time to keep his strength and fitness up. When he’s not working, he’s playing saxophone for a ska-punk band or guitar for a psychedelic rock band.