Your First Visit


Before your visit you will be sent an intake form to complete, which will ask some questions about your condition and also record your medical history for your practitioner. 

Your first visit will take between 45 minutes and an hour. The appointment starts with an opportunity for you to tell your practitioner about your symptoms and explain what you would like from your care. After listening to your concerns your Chiropractor will perform a thorough examination (including a postural evaluation, orthopaedic testing, a neurological examination, muscle testing and palpation of the joints and muscles associated with your injury).
Following your examination your practitioner will spend some time explaining your current problem, how it developed and how they can help correct it.

At Blackfen Chiropractic Clinic we like to perform treatment on your first visit to start the healing process straight away. If your case requires further imaging e.g. x-rays, MRI scans or Ultrasounds scans, your Chiropractor will discuss this with you and will be able to refer you to the appropriate service. 

We know that the first visit can feel like an overload of information. To help you make sense of it all your practitioner will send you a written report on your case, detailing their assessment, diagnosis and full treatment plan. We find that when patients have a good understanding of their condition, they are often in a better position to assist recovery. 

We are often asked ‘what is appropriate to wear to your appointment?’. Our answer is comfortable, and loose-fitting clothing. Loose-fitting clothing allows your therapist to observe the area, whilst you can stay clothed.