Summer holidays!

  • 24th Jul 2018
It’s the holiday season, and the time of year when people feel more adventurous and up for trying new activities.  Whether it’s swimming in the ocean, running after your grandchildren around a pool, rock climbing or learning to play golf; the exercise hidden in all the fun is doing massive amounts of good for your overall wellbeing.

Have a look at this brilliant breakdown ( to the right) done by the department of Health, we love it!

Upping your activity level this summer will not only leave you feeling healthier, you will sleep better too! But the major unseen benefit is the investment you make into your future health: Being active reduces your chances of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, joint and back pain as well as certain cancers.

Maybe it isn’t the change of scenery and the good weather and the delicious cuisines that make us feel refreshed after a holiday. Maybe, just maybe, its all down to being just a little bit more active in a way that is slightly different to our normal daily routines. And if that’s the case, lets prolong that holiday feeling by keeping up with staying active!

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