Do you have a scar causing you grief?

  • 1st Feb 2019
Colette, one of our massage therapists, recently expanded her skill base to include scar
work therapy.

What is ScarWork therapy?
ScarWork is a very gentle form of hands on treatment which can be used to help enhance the feel and the condition of scars after surgery or from accidents.

What are the Benefits?
Post surgery/ post injury people can be left with scar tissue which can cause discomfort, a feeling of restriction and/or tightness and also a decrease in mobility. If you have experienced surgery then you may find that your surgeon has recommended that you start scar massage yourself as soon as you are able.
ScarWork Therapy helps to:

  • Reduce pain and calm irritation in the scar tissue
  • Normalise the feel of the tissue in the area.
  • Introduce you to your scar, helping you to accept the changes which have happened and realising how much better it can feel after treatment.

When can I start ScarWork therapy for my scar?
It is normally recommended to start ScarWork therapy from around 10 weeks onwards post surgery as this will allow for initial healing processes to take place but is still early enough in the recovery phase to allow for significant improvements to be made. That being said, if you have older scars the treatment can still be very beneficial, it’s never too late to make a change.

If you’d like further info or have questions regarding ScarWork therapy, please feel free to speak to Colette. You can contact her by calling the clinic (Tel: 0208 3011033) or by emailing

Do you have a scar causing you grief? | Blackfen Chiropractic Clinic