Rowan Chanin

As a keen runner, Rowan specialises in treating runners and running injuries. She studied an honours degree in sports therapy at Gloucestershire university and then went on to work within a busy clinic, whilst also setting up her own clinic from home. On the weekends, she enjoys working at many different events including ultra marathons, marathons and rugby games.
Regardless of age, ability or whether you are active or not, as a sports therapist, Rowan is able to provide a detailed assessment, listening carefully to you, and form a diagnosis. She works together with you to make a plan to help you achieve your goals. Using a holistic approach, by looking at the whole picture and not just one area, she offers a variety of hands on techniques including sports and remedial massage, joint and muscle mobilisations and kinesiology taping. She was the lead therapist at the Action Challenge UK ultra events providing a high level service of massage and taping whilst also supervising other therapists in a busy event environment. She is an expert in rehabilitation and will guide you through a tailored exercise plan to help you recover from injury as quickly and safely as possible. She will educate you on how to self-manage your injury when you are at home and always put your needs and well-being first. You will feel very comfortable in your appointment as Rowan is very warm and friendly, she will immediately put you at ease that you are now in safe hands.
Rowan is from the north coast of Devon, she enjoys travelling, surfing and long distance trail running. She loves animals, has three exmoor ponies and some wildlife conservation land that she helps her family to maintain for rare butterflies, dormice, bats and orchid flowers. She is also passionate about food and loves baking, look forward to trying one of her cakes!