Planning a road trip this half term?

  • 2nd Mar 2017

Here are some simple ways to prevent lower back pain whilst road tripping:

  1. Stop regularly for a stretch.Sitting in one position for long periods cause the back muscles to tighten, and this can lead to pain and even cause back spasms. The solution is easy-plan rest breaks at least every hour. Stop, get out of the car and walk around. Get yourself a coffee, touch your toes, pull your knees into your chest and take a few deep breaths. You’ll feel more awake and your muscles will have relaxed!
  2. Break your trip into smaller chunks. Rather than trying to do an entire journey in one day, spread it over two-spend some time taking in the scenery. Your back will thank you for it and you’ll feel more relaxed too.
  3. Ice packs  (the reusable type you keep in your freezer) are also very handy to take with you if you suffer with lower back pain. Wrap the icepack in a tea towel, and pop it on your back for 5-10 minutes. The cold is great for decreasing inflammation, with the added benefit of temporarily numbing the painful structures.

Please ask your Chiropractor for specific stretches that may be useful when doing long journeys.

Happy travelling!


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