Obese and malnourished: How can this be?

  • 21st Jun 2018
It’s a strange concept: carrying excess weight but actually being nutrient deprived. Our fast paced lifestyles often mean that time for cooking falls to the bottom of our priority list, and reliance on ready made and convenience food becomes the obvious answer.

Energy dense but nutrient poor food options are so easy to reach for, and eating a doughnut verses eating a salad is so much quicker. Never mind the neat little sugar rush afterwards!

Energy dense-low nutrient foods unfortunately, have the potential to disrupt our body’s normal metabolism, whereby the body is unable to process the excess calories effectively. This results in a number of incomplete biochemical reactions that can lead to additional weight gain, mental health disorders, autoimmune disease, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease.

That doesn’t sound very appealing, so here are some easy ways of changing your future health for the better:

  • Make a bigger portion of dinner in the evening, and have the leftovers as lunch the following day.
  • Carry a small bag of mixed seeds and nuts/ a fruit in your bag, and reach for them when that doughnut calls!
  • Ensure you are drinking enough fluids, so that you don’t misinterpret thirst for hunger (they can feel the same!)
  • Read food packaging labels. If it’s high in fat and high in sugar, it’s not a good choice for you.

Your choices today, will affect your quality of life in 5, 10 and 15 years time. Choose health!

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