How to stick to your resolutions

  • 31st Jan 2022

Our Clinical Hypnotherapist, Barbara, has put together her top tips on “How to stick to your resolutions”.

Focus on one goal at a time: This is more likely to lead to long-term success. If you plan to make too many changes all at once it can become daunting and lead to failure. One small step at a time is a great way to go! Small steps lead to success.

Keep a journal: Write down the progress you make e.g. found time in a busy day to do a brisk 30 minute walk. Writing something down means it has a much greater chance of being remembered and acted on. I encourage clients to keep a journal and write down positive progress. One of the ways this will help is if, after a month or so, you look back at your notes it can make you realise how far you have come and spur you on!

Be kind to yourself : If you slip up don’t give up, just recognise you had a blip and get back on plan. If you walked up 100 hundred steps and then stumbled down a few you would still have achieved around 96 steps – no mean feat – something to be applauded!

Avoid repeating past failures : If you have made the same resolution and failed several times then you need to look at the issue and find different ways to deal with it. Remember as Albert Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Get going now : Don’t wait “until the time is right” to make a start or you will wait forever – as a famous sports brand said “just do it!”

Hang out with motivated people : Attitudes rub off and we can catch success. Find people [even if it’s online] who are positive, focused and talented. We become like those people with whom we associate, avoid negative people.

So, go for it! The greatest failure is failure to try. Our biggest regrets are very often the things we didn’t do. If you ever doubt what people who set their minds towards something are capable of, take a look at the Guinness Book of World Records.