Get your health back on track

  • 31st Jan 2022

Every January most of us make resolutions. These resolutions normally last one, maybe two months. The best way to get your health on track is to think of health as a lifestyle, and not as a goal. It is a lifestyle prioritizing your recovery. If you are always in a healing environment then you’ll be able to adapt to illness and injury quicker when they arrive. 

Being in a “healing environment” within the body has a few requirements. The first requirement is getting enough sleep. It is during deep sleep that the body, brain and mind heal. True and deep healing occurs in deep sleep.

The second requirement of a healing environment is clean eating. Clean eating means limiting your sugar, artificial preservatives and processed food intake. Clean eating means increasing your intake of fresh and organically sourced produce. For me personally, clean eating also means practicing intermittent fasting and simple calorie restriction where you try to eat less food. 

The third requirement of a healing environment is exercise and movement. This January make it a goal of yours to make a sustainable exercise choice. Even just a 10 minute outdoor walk or 10 minutes of stretching may be all it takes for your health bug to bite. As soon as your body feels or moves better, your brain will crave those exercises again. It is the “fake it until you wake it” health principle. 

The fourth requirement of the healing environment is a sound mind. Practices that help your mental health include healthy social interaction, journalling, gratitude practices or any of the first three requirements. 

There are many more aspects to health, these pillars are a great place to start. 

My favorite saying in health is “be patient or become one”. And that is what it means to get your health back on track – that is to consistently be bettering and improving yourself, consistently recovering better, consistently limiting the “bad days” and consistently being patient when illness or injury inevitably show up.

Yours in health,