• 26th Oct 2018
Even though autumn is looming, there is always something to look forward to , and we would like to share our BIG exciting news with you:

We are moving!

For a little while now we have needed a bigger space to accommodate our growing clinic. The search came with all the usual ups and downs, but we are thrilled to tell you that we will be opening our new clinic doors on the 19th November 2018.

So, where are we going?
Quite literally across the road from where we are now! To be exact 33 yards away. We will take up the corner commercial property where Days lane and Blackfen road meet. (previously GPS lettings).

What will be changing?
Apart from parking your car in our own designated car park right in front of the clinic, and walking into a new premises specifically designed and rejigged to accommodate a clinic, we hope to keep all else pretty similar to how we currently operate.

What will stay the same?
You will still see your usual Chiropractor and massage therapist, just as before. We hope that our new setup will allow us to carry on providing quality care to you and your family, in a beautiful comfortable environment.

Once we have moved, and just before your next appointment we will remind you of our new location. Don’t worry, if you forget, we are literally a 30 second walk away from the dental practice.

We will be sharing more info and images (hopefully!) in the next newsletter, but we are always happy to answer any questions that you might have, either in person, telephonically or via email.